Which Taylor Swift BFF Does She Say is Like a Sister?

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Who is Taylor Swift's celebrity best friend?

Selena Gomez Twitter

Taylor Swift dishes on why her BFF is so special to her in a new interview.

Taylor Swift has some pretty special friends, but she counts Selena Gomez among one of the very best.

Taylor tells Brazilian magazine Capricho about the qualities that make Selena so dear to her, explaining, "She's so trustworthy, never judges you and knows how to listen."

She also noted, "We've been friends for four years and she has been through so much with me that I can say we're almost sisters."


Selena posted this photo series the other day, showing the besties having a girls' night in that included baking cupcakes.

See? Celebs do totally normal things like just hang out!

Taylor also dished on Sel giving great gifts since Selena likes to pick up something for Taylor from every place she travels.

Taylor said, "She gave me a clock once! It's beautiful, and antique. I placed at the entrance of my house, so that I'll get reminded everyday of how good she is with gifts!"

See what Selena has to say about Taylor's duet with Justin Bieber!



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