Ally Katzz Blog: High School Tips; What I Wish My Freshman Self Had Known

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Get tips on the things you should do to get the best out of your high school years

My senior year of high school is about to come to an end and as I look back on these last four years, I can't help but smile.

I smile thinking about the late night sleepovers with my best friends, the excitement of finding out it was a snow day, and the bonding that occurred when I least expected it.

I have learned so much throughout high school and knowing that you may be just about to begin on this crazy roller-coaster ride (or maybe you're currently mid-air!), here are a few things I wish my little freshman-self had known...

Take part in the activities that excite you! It's easy to join a club or sport because all your friends have signed up, but high school is meant to help you explore who you are and what makes you tick, so have the courage to stand out of the crowd and pursue your own passions. Even if at first you don't know anyone in a certain club, you'll be sure to bond over your genuine love for whatever it is you're doing and that will lead to strong friendships.

Be open-minded! In high school you will come across people and situations that you never imagined. Instead of sticking to your old, familiar ways, take a leap of faith and dive head first into a seemingly intimidating situation – or take the first step and introduce yourself!

Expect the unexpected. Even more than that, look for the unexpected! Many times, you're favorite high school memories won't come from something that you planned to do, but they will be created on the spot. This past weekend, my best friend, Lucy, and I were driving to the mall. We unexpectedly hit traffic and were insanely bored watching the minutes on the clock. Suddenly a song that we both loved – and that's rare since we don't have the same taste in music – came on the radio and instantly, Lucy started blasting the song just as I began rolling down the window. For the next three minutes, we proceeded to dance like crazy people in my car. Passengers in the cars around us were even laughing! Even though I expected the best part of the night to be checking out cute boys at the mall, as it turned out, the best part of my night was dancing in the car while sitting in traffic!

My last piece of advice is to create a high school bucket list. Just as this whirlwind adventure is about to begin, think about some of the things you hope to do and accomplish. It will be so fun to cross things off the list as you take your personal high school experience totally memorable!

Good luck walking the halls of high school!


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