Selena Gomez Says Her New Fragrance is "Yummy"

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Selena's new perfume ad is gorgeous, right? Selena Gomez's new fragrance is turning heads, both for her sexy new ad and the bottle itself.

She tells Us Weekly that the perfume ad image, of Sel waist-deep in an aquarium tank wearing a purple dress is "simple and pretty."

Can't argue with her there. Selena looks gorgeous (albeit wet) with her hair slicked back and her dress swirling underwater.

The bottle, which sprouts lips from the cap, is a combination of playful and dramatic, as Selena explains, "I wanted it to be tall so it stands out. The design of the bottle is almost like a gown so it represents me on the carpet. The lips are fun... it makes it more youthful and you can play with it."

What's cool about Selena's new fragrance is that she got her fans to help design the scent through online voting, with some lucky fans getting to sniff it out in person.

The winning scent is a combination of raspberry, purple freesia and vanilla.

Overall, Selena describes the combination as "yummy."

Sel tells Us Weekly, "They're the ones wearing it, so I trust them--their opinions and everything that they've done for me."

Look for the Selena Gomez fragrance at Macy's beginning in May for $35, $45 and $55, and starting in August, the perfume will be sold at Nordstrom, Dillard's, Ulta, Bonton and SSI.

As for boyfriend Justin Bieber's opinion of her new scent, Sel says "He likes it a lot."

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