Clickworthy: Rapper Wiz Khalifa Gets Busted With Weed...Again

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How do you get busted with weed twice... in 10 days?


Really? Pittsburgh native and Roll-Up rapper Wiz Khalifa got busted with marijuana AGAIN last night. Get the details here... [TMZ]

Umm, does EVERY celeb go to the Los Angeles Lakers basketball games? Not only were the Beckhams there smoochin' it up on cam but these two hotties were spotted there too! [JustJared]

Woah! Miss Rihanna might've been all innocent over the weekend but now she's hitting up the strip club...not kidding! [PopCrush]

Gleeks! What did you think of that episode last night? Check out this list of things that happened at McKinley that most likely would never happen in real life...[Teen]

What do you think of Dancing With The Stars former contestant and hottie Gavin DeGraw's new video for his single Sweeter? [AOL Music]

How cute! Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's twins celebrate their first Paris! [JustJared]

Guess who is going on tour with Jennifer Lopez?! [TheBoomBox]

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