Why Did Glee Star Amber Riley Collapse on the Red Carpet?

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Whoa, what happened to Amber Riley? Phew, it was a scary moment last night for Glee star, Amber Riley. She totally fainted on the red carpet.

Amber later admitted on Twitter that the lights from all of the cameras and a long day of work got the best of her, making her faint and tumble. She didn't hurt herself badly but says she feels fine now but is still going to get checked out.

Better to be safe than sorry.

Oh and don't listen to the rumors, she's not pregnant guys! Geez.

Today she tweeted that she needs a nap because her "noggin" is still sore.

Aww, feel better girl!

Luckily, her "moment" wasn't too serious and there aren't any photos of the fall out there.

See Amber belt out Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You below. She kills it! Oh and have you seen Amber lately? She's looking good!

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