Are Josh Hutcherson and Ariana Grande Dating? Rumors Busted

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Josh Hutcherson and Ariana Grande dating rumors are heating up, but is it true?

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Yesterday, a rumor was floating around that Josh Hutcherson and Ariana Grande are dating.

It seems Ariana was at The Hunger Games premiere on March 12 and suddenly people have started connecting the dots--even though the pair weren't spotted together at the premiere.

Life & Style magazine reports: "They've been seeing each other since the beginning of the year. They've been trying to keep it low-profile because it's still rather new."

It's so low profile that this is the first time anyone has heard about Josh and Ariana hooking up.

Last month, OK! Magazine chatted with Ariana about seeing The Hunger Games and she said, "I haven't seen it yet. I feel like a horrible friend. I feel like the worst friend in the entire world. He's amazing."

So, it sounds like they're friends, yet she calls him "amazing."


And to add fuel to the dating rumors, earlier in the year, Josh attended Ariana's concert at the Roxy.

Josh has also been good friends with Ariana's Victorious co-star Avan Jogia for years, so there's definitely another connection.

While Josh and Ariana would make one of the cutest couples around, is shooting down the rumors, with a source close to Josh telling the site that the rumor is "completely untrue" and that they are "not dating."

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