Karmin Is Too Cute Sharing Wedding Scoop

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But first, Nick pretends to storm out of our interview

Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan (better known as Karmin) have an album release date (May 8). They just don't have a wedding date yet.

The engaged pair almost made it official last year. "We had a date set, and it was actually right when our lives were changing," says Amy. "We keep saying let's do ten-eleven-twelve, but that's not going to happen, probably."

Why not?

The pair is too busy riding the wave of success from the singles "Brokenhearted" and "I Told You So," which they performed on SNL, leading to next week's debut of their album, Hello.

Fortunately, neither of them is in a race to put a ring on it.

"It's a unique situation because we're both in the band," explains Nick. "If it was just me or just her and the other person was like, 'What the hell? What's going on?' that's a little bit different. Since we're both in it, we don't want to put the pressure on the marriage."

What a concept: a celeb couple not rushing into a wedding!

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