Demi Lovato Gets Punk'd in Haunted Studio Prank

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Demi Lovato punk'd by Nick Cannon!


Watch Demi Lovato get Punk'd in these video clips from Thursday's episode.

Demi was on the receiving end of a haunted studio prank, courtesy of Nick Cannon and a pretty freaky looking ghost.

She was given some backstory about the haunted studio after everyone heard a noise, then they all see a ghostly figure at the piano.

Demi, clearly freaked out, says, "I'm, like, about to cry."

After everyone in the room sees the ghost... the ghostly woman comes to Demi, along with Nick to tell her she's been punk'd!

Nick asked if she thought it was real and she was pretty shaken after the prank, but said "That was so scary," adding, "I'm gonna get you back so bad."

She even seemed a little taken aback by the whole set up, asking "so did somebody really die here?"

Nick supported the prank though, saying "they do say this studio is haunted though."

Overall, she says, "I can't believe you guys just did that to me."

Nick shows her behind-the-scenes of how they made the ghost and she still seemed a bit shaken by the experience.

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