Teen Savvy Blog: Are You All About The Label?

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There is a thin line between having style and being a label lover Not everyone who is considered fashionable has the funds to afford designer labels and rub elbows with stylish socialites. This proves that there is a thin line between having style and being a label lover.

Since the beginning of time, clothing labels and famed designers have been associated with the media. Everyone who was anyone was either the face of a fashion campaign or tried their hand in having a fashion line of their own. With the popularity of fashion blogging as well as "OOTD" (Outfit Of The Day) photos and videos growing, I had the chance to ask a few fashion lovers for some insight on the subject of labels versus style without labels.

"I don't believe brand names or labels are important because for me, style is more important than a brand and it emphasizes who you are. Also with thrifting, it gives you more creative clothing that you wouldn't find in your average store", said blogger Olivia on the advantage of thrift stores.

Thrift shopping also lessens the chances of seeing someone wearing the same outfit as you, although it takes a lot more effort finding something of your liking in a consignment shop than it would be in your favorite brand named store.

Ultimately it is all about an individual's personal style and what makes them comfortable.

"In my opinion, brands are not important. I have designer clothes in my closet but I am by no means a label snob. You can make an outfit look amazing despite the price, whether your outfit cost $25 or $2500", agreed Rene Alise.

Once upon a time it was taboo for someone to wear clothing that did not fit the mold of society. Early artist like Erykah Badu, Destiny's Child and Lil Kim did not attempt to fit the mold by having their own individual styles that dared not be emulated.

"I don't think there's anything wrong with named brands, but they're not everything. You don't need them to have a good fashion sense", said bow tie designer DonMonique.

Similar to popularity contests, brand named clothing are usually worn to impress others. Even celebrities wear designer clothing in order to compliment their image. Deciding on whether or not you want to be thrifter, label lover or both does not matter but, having your own personal style does!



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