Teen Diaries Blog: How To Pose Like a Star for Prom Pictures

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Get the perfect celeb picture pose just in time for prom!

Digital photography has made people a little lax when taking pictures. No matter how many eye blinks, lip curls or unflattering angles you do, at least ten photos later (and after adding a cool instagram filter), you are guaranteed to get a Facebook worthy profile photo.

Contrary to popular belief, the secret to a great photo doesn't lie simply in good genes or Photoshop. The angles, the poses, the lighting, and your facial expressions all help to turn a potentially awkward and unflattering snap into one you will proudly have your parents display on the fireplace mantel. Here's why being a "poser" is a good thing...

Turn That Frown Upside Down – Skip the serious supermodel face that often graces the pages of editorial magazines and smile. Prom is a happy time – so show it. Nothing ruins a photo faster than a forced fake smile. While the photographer is snapping away, think about something that brings you joy to guarantee the best picture.

Smize - Tyra Banks has been teaching millions of model hopefuls her trademark tricks for years and smizing is her most popular tip. If you have braces or lack confidence when it comes to showing your teeth, smile with your eyes instead. Relax, pick a focal point, squint your eyes a little, and imagine the camera is your prom date or someone you have a happy longing for. Add a smirk and you will be fierce!

Red Carpet Ready – There's a reason why actresses, socialites, and fashion bloggers all look good in every photo. They know exactly how to position their bodies at the site of a camera lens. Follow their lead. Never let yourself be photographed straight on because the flattening affect of photography will make you look larger than you are. Face 90 degrees away from the camera, then turn 45 degrees back towards the camera with your upper body, pull your shoulders back, suck in your stomach slightly, and put one hand on your hip to look your sleekest.

During couple photos, use the tips above and remember to keep your chin up to avoid the appearance of a double chin. Cheeks connected, interlocked hands or a hug add an extra special "touch" to a prom image.

A Pop of Color – rosy cheeks coupled with a pretty, pink pout instantly makes your face come alive in photos.

Chill Out - No matter how important the day is, it's not worth an ulcer. Prom photos are not a million dollar Chanel campaign. Relax and let the real you shine through.

For visual tips, check out this Prom Posing 101 video:

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