Karmin: "He Thought I Was a Goody Two Shoes!"

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Adorbs couple Karmin reveals why they didn't like each other at first... Seriously, can they get any more adorable?

Not only have they blown up YouTube but now Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan, aka Karmin, are hitting the scene hard, standing out majorly with their cutesy couple look and sensational singing act.

We caught up with the engaged YouTube sensations at a private recording studio in West Hollywood, CA (the very same place where Adele recorded "Someone Like You"). Karmin talked with us about their new album Hello (dropping tomorrow!) and how we should totally expect a swag-pop sound. They also gave advice to other YouTube hopefuls, spilled about their first impressions of each other and gave details about their relationship.

"He thought I was a goody two shoes, and I thought he was a party animal...and we were both correct."


Watch the video above to check out our entire interview with them and peep the video below to see how awesome they really are.

Take a glimpse into their lives and check out their Broken Hearted video to see what it was like when they first met.

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