Clickworthy: Is Selena Gomez Trying Too Hard to Change Her Image?

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Have you heard about Selena's upcoming flick Spring Breakers? It's a bit racy! Read what she has to say about her new role and ditching her Disney days for a more spicy, mature look... [Celebitchy]

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Woah! Justin Bieber sported some major bling-bling at the Mayweather fight over the weekend. Was it his or borrowed? [TMZ]

Where The Wild Things Are author passes away and takes a little piece of our childhood with him. [HuffPost]

Would you like to see a sequel to Avengers? Check out these Avenger 2 character plot predictions. Do you agree with them? [Moviefone]

Awww! Peep these adorable pictures of Charlize Theron's new baby. He's so cute! What an awesome Mother's Day she'll have this year! [JustJared]

What exactly does one superstar get another for her birthday? Ask Rihanna! Find out about the raunchy cake she got Adele for her b-day... [AOL Music]

Should Selena change her image?
Yes! She's too cutesy and needs a mature look.121 (27.8%)
No, she's perfect the way she is now!315 (72.2%)

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