'Girl In Progress' Star Eva Mendes Says She Wasn't a "Bad Girl"

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Girl in Progress stars Eva Mendes and Cierra Ramirez sat down with Cambio to talk about their own personal progress, onscreen and off.

Onscreen in the coming-of-age story, all Cierra's character, Ansiedad, wants to do is grow up--something her mother seems to have never been able to do.

Offscreen though, Eva's all about self-improvement. What has she learned lately? Eva revealed that she has been taking Thai massage classes!

"I have been told I am pretty good," she says with a smile.

We wonder if Ryan Gosling is the one telling her that?!

Eva also confessed she never really went through a bad-girl phase during her teen years:

"My bad girl phase wasn't until I was in my twenties, so that doesn't even count. It wasn't even that bad."

Check out Girl In Progress in theaters this Friday and peep the movie trailer below!

Eva rocked the red carpet at the Met Gala, along with slew of A-list stars:

Gallery | 2012 Met Gala
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