The Wanted Slam Christina Aguilera...Again

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The Wanted diss Christina Aguilera again. They really don't like her, do they?
Those guys in The Wanted certainly aren't looking to be BFFs with Christina Aguilera.

If they didn't diss Christina enough the first time by calling her a bitch, they're back with even more slams against the singer.

The boy band's Jay McGuiness had more to say on the matter of Christina, telling The Metro, "We unanimously think that Christina lacks any kind of courtesy or manners or respect for people performing for her on the day."

He added, "And we're not the only ones that say it. She's had run-ins with so many people. On a first impression basis as a person I would say I dislike Christina Aguilera."

They're not pulling any punches, for sure.

Despite their beef with Britney Spears, The Wanted found her to be "so friendly" and "very innocent," noting that when they were told not to look at her when she passed by them, that it was "the people around them, it's their job to be a little d-ish."

He added that "Christina is probably the exception to that."

Are they going too far with their remarks? Jay said they're just keeping it real: "We're just honest. We're not trying to make friends."

Mission accomplished.

Christina Aguilera Explains Justin Bieber snub on The Voice.

And when they're not on stage, see what The Wanted are up to:



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