Ally Katzz Blog: What is a Schmiddlebopper? You Might Be One!

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Are you a schmiddlebopper? I came across this word in the comment section of a website over four years ago. It was different. I had never heard any word like it. My quest to find a word as unique as me was complete.

I registered the word "Schmiddlebopper" as my user-name on social media websites like YouTube, Twitter, and Tumblr. I was thrilled when friends and followers started referring to me as Schmiddlebopper, my adopted name.

While at first this word meant nothing, I believed in its potential to stand for my values: authenticity, risk-taking, and positivity.

Schmiddlebopper has become the vehicle that carries my creative ideas for online videos and blog posts, now seen by over 10,000 teens who call themselves "Boppers."

They often say, "Schmiddlebopper, you're my role model" or "I embraced my inner Schmiddlebopper and I feel like changing the world!"

When thinking about this word, I am reminded of the trust Boppers bestow in me. I can't let them down and this motivates me to strive to be my best self.

Today, if Schmiddlebopper were in the dictionary, it would mean an Internet
personality who empowers others to trust their intuition, be kind to all, and remain true to
themselves. Schmiddlebopper is the only word where the definition changes as I change
and grows as I grow.

When searching for an online user-name or just a word to fit into your vocab, my advice is chose something that represents you – the real you. And if that just so happens to be a word that no ones ever heard of, so be it! You're one-of-a-kind and your online user-name and vocabulary should be, too!



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