Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Adopt New Dog--Find Out Her Name!

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Miley Cyrus is no stranger to dog adoption.

Even though she and boyfriend Liam Hemsworth recently rescued a dog that was abandoned at a Walmart, they're back in the doggie business again.

No doubt the name Miley chose will have people raising eyebrows-- she named the cute pup Mary Jane.

Her dog's name, Mary Jane--a term for marijuana--means we'll be hearing plenty of stories that ponder why Miley would choose to name her dog after pot.

Maybe she just likes the Spider-man character... or the shoe of the same name?

Or--perhaps--the dog was already named Mary Jane?!

Names aside, Miley tweeted a pic of her new dog, writing over the weekend: "Meet the newest addition to our family Mary Jane :) I love rescuing xo."

How sweet is that pooch?

Miley and Liam were already spotted walking Mary Jane and we have no doubt that dog will have a charmed life--joining Miley's other doggies: Lila, Ziggy, Floyd and Happy.

And it sounds like Miley is a happy girl too, as she tweeted: "As all my dogs jumped on my face the first words out of my mouth this morning...'I am living my dream life'"

Playing the role of mommy to her four-legged friends, Miley tweeted: "Just got my first Mothers Day card :) proud mama to Lila, Floyd, Ziggy, Happy, & Mary Jane"


Miley explains her weight loss--a gluten-free diet!

Liam and Miley make our PDA Gallery:

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