'Glee' 2 Hour Episode: Who Wins Nationals? (Spoilers!)

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Who wins Glee Nationals? Gleeks, get ready for a 2 hour Glee episode tonight. Well, actually two episodes--"Props" and "Nationals."

No doubt everyone is wondering "Who wins nationals?" Isn't it time for New Directions to bring home the trophy already?

While we know the spoiler-ific outcome of the Glee "Nationals" episode, we don't want to squeal who wins, in case you want to be super surprised.

Spoiler alert: we've got a few highlights of Nationals songs below and you can get the song lists for both episodes here, but you if you're looking for more (including who wins), check out MJsBigBlog for all the spoilery goodness.

For a little fun, we've included the Glee premiere party red carpet footage above--get the cast's first impressions from season one!

New Directions performs the following at Nationals:

The Edge of Glory - Troubletones, plus Quinn and Tina
It's All Coming Back to Me Now - Rachel sings solo, with Blaine, Mike, Rory, Quinn, Sugar, and Tina
Paradise By The Dashboard Light - all of New Directions

Glee "Nationals" sneak peek--Mercedes is sick?

"Props" sneak peek

See which Gleeks hang out together in our gallery below:

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Who do you think should win Nationals on Glee?
New Directions, all the way.153 (94.4%)
Vocal Adrenaline. They're the ones to beat!9 (5.6%)

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