Exclusive: Ed Sheeran Talks New Album Inspirations and Shows Us His Tattoos Too!

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We sat down with Ed Sheeran to chat about his upcoming album "+" After writing songs for awesome bands like One Direction and catching the attention of stars like Jamie Foxx, it's no surprise that everyone is anticipating Ed Sheeran's own stuff.

Recently we sat down with British singer-songwriter to chat about his upcoming album "+"...yep, that's really the name of it.

So what should we expect?

"I have to be honest, being a singer-songwriter I write very selfishly, I write for me," he told us.

Ed's not afraid to put his relationship business out there in his songs either. He's a relationship kind of guy too, confessing that every love song he has ever written, like those on the new album, are about his ex-girlfriend that he dated for 4 years.

Sound familiar Adele?

He also admitted that one of his ultimate dreams is to be married, have kids, and be comfortable.

Is this for real?!

He does have a bad-boy flare though! Ed gave us a little tour of his now 21 tattoos that he has gotten while on the road.

So hott!... (Sorry, Mr. Sheeran!)

His new album is available on June 12. Until then, listen to some of the songs off of "+" below...


Click here to see what Ed had to say about joining One Direction.



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