Exclusive: Ed Sheeran Has Wild, Knicker and Bra-Throwing Fans

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One big part of being a successful singer is dealing with the outrageous fans...(ahem, just ask Demi Lovato.)

Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran knows that after writing songs for bands like One Direction, touring with groups like Snow Patrol and doing his own music thing, guitar-digging chicks and crazy followers are sure to spring up. Luckily for Ed, his fans aren't too wild.

"I don't really have crazy fans. The fan base is large, very loyal and they're hardcore. But I don't get crazy experiences. The fans that I found to be the most wild are the One Direction fans...," he joked.

We might have to agree with him on that one...

And being a total stud and musician can't help but give you perks in the dating department, right?

"I don't get asked out on dates. I get asked to marry them, probably a bit more life-long isn't it? It's not just a cup of tea is it? It's not just a cup of tea but many cups of tea..."

It is easy to see why he gets the marriage proposals, he totally kept us laughing!

Even more funny is the story he told us about his grandma's crazy experience at one of his shows. She couldn't help but be concerned when things kept getting thrown at her...

"She wanted to know, 'What are people chucking at me?' and apparently it was just knickers and bras."

LOL! Poor Grandma!

Click here to find out if Ed would ever join 1D or if he really did go to rehab.

Annnnnd did Ed really say that he's convinced Conan O'Brien is his dad? Haha, too funny!



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