Taylor Swift and Mark Foster Dating? Rumors Swirl After Romantic Lunch Date

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Taylor Swift rumored to be dating Foster the People front man. True or false?

Is Taylor Swift dating Mark Foster, front man for Foster the People?

Rumors are a-flying, as Taylor and Mark were spotted out and about having lunch last week in Beverly Hills

Of course, the paparazzi snapped Taylor and Mark, despite their best attempts to avoid the cameras.

Does that confirm that Taylor is dating Mark? Not exactly, but the couple dodging the paps does seem to indicate they didn't want to be found out.

Then again, maybe they just wanted a quiet lunch together without cameras in their face.

Taylor definitely seems to be a fan of Foster the People--when she appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show with Zac Efron, she and Zac sang the tune Pumped Up Kicks (well, they changed up the lyrics, of course).

Will Taylor and Mark make beautiful music together?

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