Exclusive: Adam Lambert Admits a Break Was Necessary; New Album Will Make You Dance More

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Check out what Adam had to say about his new sound and peep his AOL Sessions Who is ready to see a more mature and dark side of Adam Lambert?

The American Idol alum just dropped his sophomore album, Trespassing, that's promising the same Adam Lambert sound but with a different twist...and more dancing too!

Catching up with him in Los Angeles, he talked his new music and sound and how taking a break was totally necessary to create his second album.

Adam admitted that unlike the new album, with his first album he felt like he had to prove himself.

"I think I've grown a lot musically....I think a lot of my mentality was, 'look what I can do.' You know, coming up on a competition series, it's kind of a natural way to think," he explained.

But now, after all of his Idol fame dust has settled and a step back from the spot light was taken, things are good for him.

"I had about a year and a half that I spent writing this album, and other than a couple shows here and there, I just wrote. And I lived life. And I kind of came back down to earth a little bit; I got my feet back on the ground."

Don't get things twisted though, needing a break and getting his feet back on the ground didn't mean he wasn't appreciative of his career.

"My career has been very lucky. I feel like whoa, I made it, I got what I wanted and it's a chance that not a lot of people get..."

Click here to check out Adam Lambert's AOL Sessions and to find out if he's ready to be a dad!




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