Miley Cyrus Weight Loss Secret: Pilates! Her Trainer Shares Workout Tips

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Get in shape with Miley Cyrus' secret weapon--pilates. We asked last week if Miley Cyrus is getting too thin, but given the almost daily pics of her snapped leaving pilates classes, it sounds like her workout of choice is getting her in tip-top shape.

Is pilates the key to Miley's weight loss and toning success?

If you're looking for a great workout routine to shape up for summer (swimsuit season is approaching!), pilates may be just the thing.

Miley's trainer, Mari Winsor, explains the young star's fitness routine, which includes working out six times a week and focusing on waist, glutes, buttocks and thighs.

Pilates works to strengthen the "powerhouse"--your abs--with every movement.

Mari recommends these pilates moves: "the 100," "double leg stretch" and "criss-cross" for ab toning.

Check out how to do these pilates moves at

Based on our experience, pilates works and is fairly easy, too.

Find out what Miley says about her gluten-free diet.




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