P. Diddy's Son Gets a Free Ride to UCLA for Football...Should He Accept?

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Should Diddy's son accept a free ride to UCLA?


Not to sure how we feel about this one...

Justin Combs not only just graduated high school but he just got a full ride scholarship to UCLA to play football too.

Awesome, right?

Right, but many are complaining about Justin receiving the $54,000 scholarship because his father is Sean "P. Diddy" Combs.

Many people believe that Diddy should pay for his kid's education himself and let someone else whose parent isn't worth $550 million get the football scholarship.

But then there are those who think Justin deserves the money because he is a good ball player. Plus, there's nothing that says you can't get a scholarship if your parents are rich.

To make matters worse, all of this news comes after the University of California has been struggling with budget cuts and student protests.

UCLA has fired back quickly, responding that they offer plenty of financial aid to those who need it and that they enroll more low-income Pell Grant recipients than the entire Ivy League combined.

Should Justin Combs accept the UCLA scholarship?
Yes! He's obviously a good ball player and his parents' income shouldn't matter.82 (46.9%)
No! His dad can afford tuition, why not let someone else have the money?!93 (53.1%)

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