Sam Claflin Reenacts "I Fell and I Can't Get Up" 'SWATH' Stumble! (EXCLUSIVE)

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The 'SWATH' star tells us about stunts gone wrong on set....
Sam Claflin, who plays Prince William in the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman, stopped by Cambio studios recently and shared a few behind-the-scenes stunts-gone-wrong. SWATH is an updated twist on the classic fairytale, full of action-packed battle stunts, some more difficult than others.

"The director decided he wanted me and Chris [Hemsworth, the Huntsman] to ride into the castle grounds, jump off our horses, then storm the castle, fighting people as we go," Sam recalls.

The game-for-anything English actor proceeded to follow those instructions. He didn't expect to get his foot caught in the stirrup, fall of his horse and get dragged on his face in full armor gear.

The worst part? "Looking behind me and seeing Chris kinda gallantly glide off his horse like James Dean," says Sam. "The guy was pretty damn cool."

Snow White and the Huntsman is in theaters this Friday, June 1st.

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