Hot New 'Magic Mike' Clip: Channing Tatum Takes It All Off

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Channing Tatum stripping in Magic Mike? Yes, please.

Warner Bros.

Check out the hot new Magic Mike clip that MTV released last night, showing Channing Tatum and company taking it all off.

It's raining men, indeed.

Channing sat down with MTV News to talk about the new male stripper movie directed by Stephen Soderbergh, that's about his own experience stripping for cash.

Channing explained, "I was having a beer with Soderbergh, we were making a movie together. I did this for like eight months of my life when I was like 18 or 19 years of age. He was like 'We gotta make a movie of this.' And I was like, 'Why?'"

Oh, honey. We all know why. Magic Mike is going to fill theaters with women clamoring to catch a glimpse of a stripped down Channing!

Channing noted that he and Soderbergh, along with the cast, financed Magic Mike themselves, as he calls it "an independent movie."

No doubt Channing's fans will thank him for pitching in the cash to get this film made!

Magic Mike opens in theaters on June 29.

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