Sam Claflin from SWATH: "This Has Been One of My Childhood Dreams Ticked Off!"

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Sam Claflin fills us in on the latest take on the classic Snow White tale. Everyone knows the classic Snow White tale. The Evil Queen is threatened by Snow White's beauty, tricks her into eating a poisonous apple and she falls into a deep sleep. The Prince then kisses Snow White to break the spell and they live happily ever after. Snow White and The Huntsman gives viewers a new take on the fairytale favorite, one with a lot more action.

"I love the unpredictable nature of it, that's what really drew me to the project in the first place" says Sam Claflin, who portrays Prince William in the film. "We kinda turned this classic on it's head."

Prince William is not just a prince who's charming but one who is ready to fight to protect Snow White. It required Sam to learn archery, horse riding, sword fighting, the whole nine yards. However it was a perfect fit for Sam, who dishes that he wanted to be a prince when he was younger.

"I was kinda somewhat obsessed with knights of the round tables and castles and those sort of things," Sam says. "This really has been one of my childhood dreams ticked off"

As for all those CGI scenes, apparently they weren't as glamorous to film as they look on screen. The trailers for the film show Prince William and the Huntsman fighting ominous giant black glass creatures; but that's not what the actors saw when actually filming the scenes. "I was just swinging like a mad man, at nothing," Sam recalls, laughing. "It was pretty hilarious."

Snow White (Kristen Stewart) has the Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) protecting her through her journey of the dark forest. When we asked Sam if he thinks his character could survive the dreaded woods Sam doubted it. "I'm pretty sure he would've been screaming his head off."

Be sure to catch Snow White and The Huntsman in theaters everywhere today, June 1st.

For more SWATH behind-the-scenes action watch Sam reenact when he fell off his horse during filming.


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