'Moonrise Kingdom': Meet the Outdoor Adventure's Two New Young Stars!

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Cambio sat down with the two young stars of Moonrise Kingdom, a classic Wes Anderson movie, full of childhood charm and adventure about two children who fall in love and run away together, prompting their eccentric family members to form a search party to try to find them.

Sam [Jared Gilman] is a wildness scout who loves to paint watercolors. He falls for Suzy [Kara Hayward], who loves to read and believes binoculars are her super power.

Moonrise Kingdom (also starring heavy-hitters Bruce Willis, Bill Murray and Frances McDormand) was the first feature film for both actors, but that's not the only thing they have in common. "Before the film, I wasn't very [outdoorsy]," says Kara, who is totally into books and writing. "I was a very indoorsy, video game, movie-buff kid, so this was a new experience for me," says Jared. "Now that I've finished I have come to really appreciate the outdoors. Would I survive? Probably not. But I do appreciate it."

Honesty and a sense of humor. Can't beat that.

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