Harry Styles: 5 Things You Should Know

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Did you know these things about Harry Styles?


Okay, so who seriously doesn't fall in love with that face as soon as they see it?

Harry Styles has been a hit with the ladies since he auditioned for the U.K.'s X-Factor in 2010 (peep it below!). With his pretty, curly hair and flawless face, we knew you guys would want to know all about this One Direction band member.

So sit back and relax while we tell you five awesome things you should know about Harry Edward Milward...yep, that's his REAL name.

5. Dude has good taste in music!


Harry recently tweeted a pic of this 'Best of' Aerosmith CD! Not only did his X-Factor audition prove he's into older music but this does too. So cool!

4. Speaking of X-Factor auditions, another thing you should know is that Harry was totally awesome during his!--Although Liam had the best one...his second one that is!

Peep Harry's audition below. Check out the confidence!

3. He's good friends with Ed Sheeran!

Not only do these two shaggy-haired cuties pick on each other but they also seem like they're pretty good BFFs!

Harry tweeted some pics of Ed in 'Grease' and we have to admit, they're pretty funny! Oh and we totally need to get our hands on that vid...

2. He's totally random and weird! And we love it...

Harry likes to tweet random, goofy stuff...and he's quite the photographer too!

1. Just like his band-mate Niall Horan, the #1 thing you need to know about Harry Styles is that he's siiiiiiiingle!

Yep, at the Men In Black 3 premiere the boys opened up about who had a girlfriend and who didn't...and Harry admitted he was riding solo.


As you can see, Harry Styles is quite the guy. Not only is he talented and hot but he's also fun, has cool friends and is a little weird too...sounds like perfection to us!

Peep 5 things you should know about 1D's Niall Horan here!

See Harry and the rest of the 1D boys as babies...SO CUTE!


Now for some fun! What are some awesome things we should know about Harry? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter!


Harry recently played superman when he helped save one of his younger fans, get the story here!


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