Sutton Foster from 'Bunheads': Meet our New BFF!

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She's like the (wise-beyond-her-years) girl next door So why is Sutton Foster, a Broadway star who plays a dance instructor on Bunheads (premiering tonight on ABC Family), our new BFF?

She's been there: "I'm tall. I'm 5'9". I was also 5'9" at 13," says Sutton. "Melanie [one of the dance students on the show] is tall and gangly and kind of all over the place. I was pretty much like that as a kid."

She's into healthy body images: "Dancers come in all shapes and sizes. Nowadays in 2012 it should be about loving oneself exactly how you are. It doesn't matter what you look like. Anyone can dance. And anyone can be beautiful."

And breaking stereotypes: "Kaitlyn Jenkins, who plays Boo, she's the most beautiful dancer I've seen in my life. She doesn't have the skinny-skinny ballet frame. I could watch her dance for the rest of my life. She's exquisite. Hopefully we break all types of stereotypes."

Hit the clip above to find out how the word "bunhead" came about and if buns are as painful as they look!


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