Phillip Phillips Update: Doing Fine Now, but Situation Was Worse Than Doctors Originally Thought

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Things were intense for American Idol winner Phillip Phillips all throughout the season and being on the show wasn't the cause of all his stress!

As we reported before, Phillip was struggling with an intense kidney stone problem and toughed it out to be on the show. After the show's finale, he was quick to go into surgery.

TMZ is reporting that while in surgery, doctors noticed that things were much worse than they thought for Phillip.

The stent that was put in to make his Idol days less painful was left in too long and embedded itself into his body. Doctors had to use a laser to cut it out.


After six hours of surgery, Phillip is doing fine and is recovering in Malibu.

Now the big question is, will he be ready for the American Idol tour that kicks off on July 6 in Detroit, Michigan?

We hope so!

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