Watch: Ed Sheeran on Today Show, Plus Taylor Swift and Ed Duet Video!

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Watch Ed Sheeran sing The A Team on the Today show. Get it free today!

Ed Sheeran Twitter

Watch Ed Sheeran sing The A Team on the Today show this morning... pure magic, we love Ed!

Ed is having an amazing day, taking to Twitter to announce that his new album hit number 1 on iTunes!

He tweeted: "No.1 on iTunes and lord of the rings Lego is out. Best. Day. Ever."

Indeed, a great day all around!

In other awesome Ed Sheeran news, his beautiful song The A Team is free this week on iTunes, so don't miss out!

Taylor Swift and Ed are collaborating as well and making beautiful music together, as he tweeted a short but sweet video of the pair singing Lego House.

Look for Ed and Taylor to turn out something great on her upcoming fourth album--it's unclear if he's just co-writing with Taylor or they're singing a duet.

We can't wait to see what they dream up!

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