Connor Jessup from 'Falling Skies': Meet Our Favorite "Giant Nerd" Who Fights Aliens!

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When aliens attack, we want Connor Jessup on our team!
Falling Skies is back!

And in case you somehow missed the first season, it's an "awesome, sci-fi drama [in which] aliens have taken over the world," says Connor Jessup, who plays Ben Mason, a teen who is captured by the aliens but gets away. Need more of an adrenaline rush? The show features "good old-fashioned resistance-style, guerilla-fighting warfare," adds Connor. Now that's a lot of adjectives.

(And it sounds like it would be right up a certain Jonas' alley)

Connor stopped by the Cambio studios recently to talk (very quickly and enthusiastically, we might add!) about Season 2 of the Steven-Spielberg-produced series that premieres on Sunday night.

The 17-year-old actor reveals that while on camera he's an avenger of aliens, offscreen he's just one big nerd. "I'm what you might call a fan boy...and to be able to participate in the kind of show I obsess over is amazing."

The young star has some pretty high-in-the sky, behind-the-scenes aspirations as well. "My ultimate goal right now is to direct my first feature before I'm 24," says Connor. "That's when Orson Welles directed Citizen Kane, and my goal is to beat him to it." He's already executive produced an indie film, Amy George, which won the Spirit Award at the Brooklyn International Film Festival.

In the meantime, Connor is in the middle of a smaller competition: If you aren't already, be sure to follow him on Twitter, as he's currently in a tweet battle with his Falling Skies co-star Drew Roy.

Don't miss the two-hour season premiere of Falling Skies on TNT on Sunday, June 17, at 9/8c.


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