Justin Bieber: Second Webisode Shows 'All Around the World' Dance Rehearsals

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Check out the latest Justin Bieber webisode here! Justin Bieber sure does know how to make us Beliebers happy, doesn't he?

The Biebs released his second webisode today, showcasing his dance rehearsals for the All Around the World promo tour.

And seriously, the kid can dance!

Yesterday, Justin released his first webisode that showed him recording the song As Long As You Love Me from his upcoming album Believe. You also get a sneak peak at his mom and Selena Gomez too!

Peep the lyrics for 'As Long As You Love Me' here!

In the new webisode (see it below!), you get a peak of his talented dancers and also get to see him do his thing.

We love how he rocks the Pittsburgh Steelers hat all while getting his dance on!


Not so swaggie is the fact that Los Angeles police want to talk to him now regarding the pap fight that went down a few weeks ago. Ugh.

We agree with the girl in the video above and think people should just leave Bieber alone!

Now, back to Believe... are you psyched for the rest of the webisodes? Forget webisodes, who is ready for the album?! We are!

We don't have much longer guys, the album will be on shelves next Tuesday!

Let us know what you think of the latest JB webisode or about the police wanting to talk to him in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter!

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