What's Up Next for Our Favorite Prince, Sam Claflin? Hint: It's Scary!

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We loved Sam Claflin as Phillip in Pirates of the Caribbean: Stranger Tides. We loved him even more as Prince William in Snow White and the Huntsman.

We chatted SWATH with Sam, and he dished info on his newest movie. Our favorite UK actor is leaving the prince and pirate roles behind and taking on some scarier fare:

"I'm doing a horror film next. It's sort of the follow-up to The Woman in Black," says Sam, who goes on to explain that The Quiet Ones is not exactly a sequel, though it was made with the same creative team. Sounds like the kind of nail-biter that sneaks up on you!

We hope he survives the Quiet Ones' stunts with fewer bruises than he sustained in SWATH...

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