Rihanna Hates Being a Size Zero: "I Want My Old Butt Back!"

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Rihanna isn't raving about her body We might need a doctor up in here...someone's got skinny-girl syndrome!

Rihanna recently admitted that she's totally not into her new, size-zero body and wishes she was more chunky!

Wow, that's a refreshingly rare message.

Yep, in an interview with US Weekly, Rihanna says that her weight has taken a dive because she's been so busy making movies like Battleship and working on her seventh album. She's always on the go and never has time to sleep.

"I'm a size zero and not happy about it," she says. "I went way too far. I prefer myself a bit chunkier. I want my old butt back!"

Someone buy Rihanna a sandwich!

She must not feel too uncomfy though, as a nude billboard of her just landed a spot in Times Square. She has also been tweeting a lot of scantily-clad pics of herself lately.

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Rihanna sure didn't look bad back in our beach bods gallery:

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