The 'Modern Family' Boys Show (and Tell) Us Their Hidden Talents!

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Can you do that with your tongue? We met up with Modern Family stars Nolan Gould and Rico Rodriguez at the Young Hollywood Awards where the two were quick to give up their hidden talents and make us chuckle too!

Rico admitted that his hidden talent was his awesome dance moves and film-making abilities. Nolan showed us his cool tongue distortion skills. They were taught to him by his TV mom, Julie Bowen!

Nolan explained to us that it's all about genetics and that Rico, Ariel, and Julie can do it too.

Ouch, it looks painful! Can you do it?

It makes sense why they can though, well at least to Nolan...

"We are actually all related. We're all aliens that came from outer space, that's how you can tell if you can do that.... I have to erase your mind now though."


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