Wallpaper and Novena Carmel Let Us Into Their Crazy Orbit

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What a trip!

From the Lost & Found files:

We're glad wefound this interview footage from Wango Tango four weeks ago. We would have hated to miss this two-minute trip into the wacky world of Wallpaper and Novena Carmel.

Here are a few highlights:

How they collaborate: Novena Carmel tells us that they are, "We're working on this new skill that we have, it's where I shoot ideas into a certain latitude in the sky, and then he locks into it," says Novena. "With a GPS device," adds Wallpaper. Of course.

What they do backstage before a show: "We like to do a fistfight before the show just to get the blood flowing, a little Fight Club," says Wallpaper. "He got mad because he broke a nail today," says Novena.

What their fans don't know about them: "I had a long-running career as a tennis player," says Wallpaper. "And I used to be a tennis ball," adds Novena.

We assume she was a pink one.

Check out our longer, in-studio interview with Wallpaper.


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