Teen Diaries Blog: What NOT to Wear to an Internship

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Just scored the perfect internship? Don't ruin your chances by wearing the wrong stuff Scoring the summer internship of your dreams is as exciting as it is nerve-wracking. Will a delayed subway train make you late? How will you impress your supervisor to score a paid gig? And oh yeah... what in the world are you going to wear!

Getting ready for your summer gig can be terribly tricky, but to take the stress out of what should actually be a fun process, here's some style no nos to intern-alize for your new J-O-B...

Show your smarts, not your skin.

Super short skirts and cleavage baring blouses should be reserved for nights out with friends. Mini skirts were made for dancing, not for filing. If you wear revealing attire, you'll be so worried about exposing your unmentionables every time you bend over or do any sort of manual labor that you won't be able to fully focus on the task at hand. This also includes staying away from ripped jeans, cropped tops, spaghetti straps, sheer shirts, garments with cutouts and skintight leggings (worn as pants). Unless your office environment is super casual, avoid slip on sandals and shorts too ( no matter how dressy they are). It's hot outside, but you must remember that you are going to work and not the beach. Get cues from your boss to see what's appropriate in the office. Take a look at how the executives dress and follow suit (pun intended).

Jeans are cute, but are too casual for work.

In all corporate and most non-corporate settings, denim doesn't belong anywhere past the receptionist's desk. I know what you're saying, "I have jeans that can totally be dressed up with a blazer." That sounds great, but unless you see the higher ups rocking True Religion and Hollister, avoid your favorite fashion piece like the plague.

High heels will slow you down (plus they hurt!).

Even if you are very self-conscious about your height (or lack their of), opt for flats to run around while delivering mail, packing boxes, and facing the grueling heat for coffee runs. Pick the most adorable flats you can find to do anything asked of you in a flash.

Rock these pieces to leave a positive impression on your boss:

Dark navy blazer: It's a bit more interesting than a traditional black blazer, yet just as chic.

Sleeveless white blouse: Once you escape the disrespectful wrath of the office air conditioner, slip off your blazer to reveal the lace detailing on the back of your blouse. It's a double duty piece that will take you from day to night.

Pants With Pizzazz: To stand out but fit in with a room full of business clad employees, fabrics that contain brocade or jacquard detailing can make a simple trouser look luxe.

Studded oxford: The men in your office will be wearing their super shiny shoes on a daily basis. Why not take their lead with a version made for a fashion-forward intern like you?

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