Overly Attached Girlfriend: 'Call Me Maybe' Parody Video, Lyrics 'I'll Be Waiting'

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Overly Attached Girlfriend is back with a Carly Rae Jepsen Call Me Maybe parody video.


Overly Attached Girlfriend is back and creeping us out her way into our hearts with a Call Me Maybe parody video, I'll Be Waiting.

What would Carly Rae Jepsen think?

You may recall Overly Attached Girlfriend's stalker-ish Justin Bieber parody of Boyfriend, the video for which went viral and got people hooked on her crazy song stylings.

Overly Attached Girlfriend's identity has since been revealed--she's Laina, a 20 year old who says she's an "entertainer" on Facebook.

Laina tweeted her Call Me Maybe parody, writing: "New video's up... Definitely not as good but oh well. Time for work."

Check out Laina's Call Me Maybe lyrics--she's definitely keeping with the creepy stalker vibe of the Overly Attached Girlfriend:

"I know you know who I am, I saw you through your webcam"

"Your eyes are golden, 6'3″, easygoing / You can sleep well always knowing / I'm looking out for you, baby"

"Hey, I just saw you / With that lady / Paid for her dinner / That's kinda shady/ Remember you're mine / You say you're dating / I know you're kidding / So I'll be waiting"




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