Ryan Seacrest to Make "Draw Something" App a TV Game Show

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Totally addicted to 'Draw Something?' You aren't the only ones apparently... Just when we thought he couldn't possibly do anything else...

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Ryan Seacrest has added another job to his resume. CBS just ordered a pilot for a show produced by him. Oh, and what's even better is that it is based off of the very popular phone app, Draw Something.

Not familiar with the game?

In Draw Something, one players sketches a drawing of an object or concept after being given a list of words and the other user has to guess what it is. Basically...like Pictionary.

The game is mega popular, even Jimmy Kimmel has mentioned it on his show and Enrique Iglesias and Jennifer Lopez just picked feature words to be on the game!

As for the TV version, they plan on having both celebs and real people participate. There's no word yet on who the host will be, but don't count on Seacrest taking that job...he's got about a billion others.

Seacrest's company also produces the E! Kardashian reality shows and his newest reality show, "Married To Jonas," is set to premiere on the channel on August 19.

Do you think you'll be into the TV game show version of Draw Something? Or will you stick to playing on your phone?

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