So cute! Watch Selena Gomez sing along backstage while Justin Bieber performs Be Alright at his Apollo Theater concert.

A fan in the audience was able to get some behind-the-scenes action of Selena mouthing and/or singing while Justin performed and it's adorable.

Supportive girlfriend, FTW!

We love that this fan was able to catch this sweet moment and even get a little zoom in on what Sel was up to backstage.

Be Alright, which Justin wrote for Selena, includes these lyrics:

Across the ocean, across the sea
Startin' to forget the way you look at me now
Over the mountains, across the sky
Need to see your face, I need to look in your eyes

Through the storm and through the clouds
Bumps on the road and upside down now
I know it's hard babe, to sleep at night
Don't you worry

Oh I, Oh I...
I love you
Everything's gonna be alright, I
Be alright, I
Be alright, I...

All alone, in my room
Waiting for your phone call to come soon
And for you, I would walk a thousand miles
To be in your arms
Holding my heart

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