Miley Cyrus Short Shorts Photos: Too Racy and Revealing?

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Are Miley Cyrus' Daisy Dukes too short? Miley Cyrus, seen here wearing the shortest shorts, gives new meaning to "letting it all hang out."

She was spotted out shopping in some majorly short jean cutoffs--her Daisy Dukes might have been cropped a little too much though.

Miley obviously is hotter than ever now (those pilates classes are paying off!), and she's proud to show off her body, but she's coming under fire for showing off too much cheek (and no underwear or bra!). captured Miley out shopping at American Apparel, wearing a cropped sleeveless shirt that showed off her teeny-tiny waist and fab abs, jean shorts and a plaid shirt.

Miley looks great these days and she's beautiful, but maybe less is more sometimes, you know?

She's being called out for her choice of trashy clothing by some people, while others support her choice to flaunt her toned bod. What do you think of her clothing choice?

One thing's for sure--the short shorts have gotten her plenty of attention!

Do you think Miley is showing too much skin in her short shorts?
Yes!196 (42.9%)
No. If you've got it, flaunt it.261 (57.1%)

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