'True Blood' Star Giles Matthey on 'True Blood' vs. 'Twilight'!

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True Blood star Giles Matthey dishes on why Twilight doesn't compare to True Blood! Could vampires like Eric and Bill of crazy Bon Temps mingle with the Cullen clan in gloomy Forks?

Well, if you ask True Blood star Giles Matthey, the answer is--wait for it Twi-hards--no! "They're two separate worlds," he revealed while hanging out at the Cambio studios.

So do we have a True Blood/Twilight feud on our hands? "True Blood is so sophisticated. It's an adult version of this fantasy genre that includes vampires," he explains. "You get these primal urges, sex, violence, death, love, betrayal."

Plus Giles plays a creature on True Blood that we've never seen in the Twilight world--a sexy fairy! A few weeks ago, he filled us in on what it's like playing Claude and becoming a part of the True Blood world.

So, just how does Giles sum up Twilight? In his opinion, he thinks it just looks like Edward and Jacob telling Bella they love her. Hmmm . . . what do you Twilight fans say to that? Has Giles started a True Blood versus Twilight war? Or do you agree with him?

You can decide for yourself how much different True Blood is than Twilight this Sunday night at 9PM EST on HBO!



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