Teen Diaries Blog: Beauty Tips that Help You Get Pretty in a Jiffy

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Be fab in a flash As the alarm clock's blaring buzz wakes you up for the fourth time, you realize that your snooze button addiction has made you run late for school, work or wherever you go very early in the morning. So you hop out of bed flustered, with you're heart racing a mile a minute, and you scramble around your room to get yourself ready for the world. But in your head, you scream "there's just not enough time..."

Calm down! Here are some noteworthy tips that will have you primed in a cinch. You'll even have a few minutes to spare... promise!

Skip foundation. Opt for a sheer coat of tinted moisturizer with SPF. You'll get an even complexion, moisturized skin and sun protection all in one step. That's like knocking out 3 birds with one stone. (Try e.l.f. studio tinted moisturizer SPF 20, $3.00, Drugstore.com)

Skip the curl, girl. Curled lashes can really make your peepers pop, but when you don't have time to spare, push the eyelash curler to the side and swipe on a few coats of curling mascara instead. (Try Wet N' Wild MegaWink Mascara Curl Enhancing Very Black, $2.47, CVS.com)

Beautiful Brows. Your brows are like a picture frame for your face. To make them look their best, use 30 seconds wisely to fill in sparse sections with a pencil. Apply short quick strokes and pick a color that matches your brow hairs to create the most natural looking appearance.

Sheer stunner. When the clock is ticking, keep makeup colors subtle and neutral to ensure a goof-proof application. Highlight the corners of your eyes with gold or silver shadow to appear bright-eyed and bushy tailed (no matter how tired you really are). Use your fingers to apply cream blush to your cheeks, eyelids and lips. (Try Too Faced Full Bloom Lip & Cheek Color, $21.00, Sephora.com)

Try a bun, hun. Ponytails often get a bad wrap for being a lazy hairdo, but the fashion elite knows that the effortless style is straightforward and very chic. Smooth hair back into a low bun or a topknot to look put together in an instant. My absolute favorite ponytail holders, which have hooks, put traditional ponytail holders to shame. (Try Metagrip, $4.49, sallybeauty.com)

Rock a throwback. When you're in a rush, there's no time to tap into your dream job of being a fashion stylist. To put together an outfit that will make your crush drool, recycle an ensemble that you've worn before to a weekend family gathering. If no one from school was there to see you, your repeat secret is safe. Just make sure it's clean.

Have some get ready quick tips? Comment to share!


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