The Wanted: "Chasing The Sun (Ice Age: Continental Drift Version)" Music Video + Interview!

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What's cooler than the new The Wanted "Chasing The Sun (Ice Age: Continental Drift Version)" video?...The fact that we got to talk to the boys about the new video, that's what!

We recently chatted with Max, Siva, Jay, Nathan and Tom where they talked up everything Ice Age...their first soundtrack appearance ever!

The cute five admitted that they were totally stoked to be a part of the animated film...Jay being the most excited because he's seen all of the movies.

"It's something you always want to do as an artist," Tom Parker said.

There was already a video for "Chasing The Sun" but The Wanted thought that because of their song's involvement in the flick, it was necessary to make another video for the tune.

And we think it was an awesome idea!

They all said that they had fun making the second video in Los Angeles.

"It was fun to make but we made some people mad..." said Nathan.

They sure did! While taping the new "Chasing The Sun" vid, the boys' video production caused a quick electricity blackout in L.A.

Not only did they cause a stir that way, but Tom Parker also made us sing while he got his karaoke on at a local L.A. pub! (Peep that video here.)

We asked him if he saw our post about his Oasis serenade that night and he said, "Yes, I saw that the next morning and was like 'I don't remember that!' "

LOL! Don't worry he's over 21!

And of course because Ice Age is all about those adorbs, little creatures, we had to ask the boys what animal they'd love to be. The answers we got were: Sloth, an Albatross (two said that!) and a whale. Can you guess who picked what?!

And check out the animal comparisions at the end of the video...cute!

Peep The Wanted's new "Chasing The Sun" video below and don't forget to see Ice Age: Continental Drift in theaters on July 13th!


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