Andrew Garfield on Those Tights: "I Was Scared to Put on the Spider-Man Suit!"

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Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and the cast of The Amazing Spider-Man dish on set secrets . . . How would you feel if you had to swing from skyscrapers, wearing tights--with the world watching?

Probably just like Andrew Garfield--somewhere between nervous and terrified! "I was scared of looking like an idiot," he revealed at The Amazing Spider-Man junket when asked about the courage it took to get into that famous Spidey suit.

If you've seen even a millisecond of the movie's trailer then you know Andrew pulled that look off--hello muscles and six-pack! As his costar Dennis Leary pointed out, one of the best parts of the movie is seeing Emma Stone and Andrew in 3-D!

And in case you're looking for more scoop on the suit, Andrew preferred to shoot webs out of his suit with two fingers, not one. "You get the most pressure that way!" he laughs.

Are you as excited to see Andrew in his Spider-Man suit as we are?

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