Debby Ryan Fills Us In On Why Her Life is 'Ridiculous!'

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Debby fills us in on all the exciting things happening in her busy life! Whoa, it's hard to keep track of all that Debby Ryan has going on in that glamorous life of hers. Good thing she stopped by Cambio to fill us in on the highlights.

Debby just got back from a life changing trip to India with Disney's organization Friends for Change. "I built schools and hung out with the kids," she told us. "It was such culture shock but I don't know about western civilization . . . I felt so much more at home there!"

The trip also kicked Debby's wanderlust into high gear. Topping her list of must-visit exotic destinations are the Philippines, Greece, Egypt and Israel. "It's not going to change, I'm always going to be a bit nomadic," Debby explains.

But even with all that traveling, her career is top priority, of course. "In five years, I will have won my Emmy . . ." she says with a twinkle in her eye.

Or maybe there's a reality show in her future too?

"I have a gravitational pull for these borderline comedic mishaps," Debby laughs. "If I had a reality show, people would think it's scripted because my life is ridiculous!"

Maybe Debby can make a reality show about her travels around the globe? Just a thought!

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