Niall Horan and Demi Lovato: Dating Confirmed by Liam During Concert Twitter Cat Question?

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Niall Horan would name a cat Demi Lovato? Huh?

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Are Niall Horan and Demi Lovato dating?

Turns out those One Direction Twitter Q&A sessions they do in concert can be very revealing.

Watch this video from 1D's Charlotte, NC show, where they are asked for some cat name suggestions for a fan's cat who just had kittens.

Liam said, "If this was Niall's cat, he would name it Demi Lovato."


The crowd, naturally, went crazy... but Niall looked to be blushing pretty hardcore by the joke. He did share in the laugh though, taking the stuffed kitty and giving it a kiss!

Here are the other cat names the guys decided...

Harry: Matilda
Louis: Gwen
Niall: Snowball the fifth

Do you think the Demi Lovato cat name joke rings true at all?

Remember, Demi recently shot down rumors that she's dating Niall.

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