Teen Diaires Blog: Rule the School With These Head Turning Styles

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Need hair help?! Peep this! School is out for summer, which makes it odd that we would be discussing hair so early in the game.

But planning ahead is key when you want to make a style statement amongst your peers. Before you know it, the school bell will be ringing and you'll be dashing off to a life of math, gym, great friends, and boys.

So while you have this break, take some time to decide how you will look fly doing it all...

Big, Bouncy Waves

For those excited to join the curly girl coalition, it's time to use your summer vacation to get your strands healthy. Deep conditioning is key to make your curls come alive. Start applying deep conditioner treatments to your hair weekly to quench your thirsty tresses.

To test drive the wild style, wash your naturally curly locks with a sulfate-free shampoo. Condition and detangle your hair with your fingers under the stream of your shower. Wring excess water from your hair, and avoid using a towel at all costs. The hooked fibers in them can make hair frizzy and can also snag strands (OUCH!). If you're hair is dripping wet, use an old t-shirt to absorb the H2O. Apply a leave in conditioner to lock in moisture and shine. Let your hair air dry and DO NOT touch it until it's completely dry to get the best look.

If your hair is tightly coiled, divide your hair into smaller sections and two-strand twist them while wet. Once hair has dried completely, unravel each twist to reveal a looser mane. Have straight hair? Roller set small to medium-sized sections of damp hair with medium-sized flexi-rods. Let air dry and remove rods.

Fro Ponytail

Often seen on high fashion runways, this best of both worlds hairdo combines sleek with sassy.

Using a light hold gel, smooth your hair into a low ponytail using a hooked ponytail holder. Spray a heat protectant on your ponytail and use a small barrel curling iron to create tight waves. Wrap a small section of hair around the outside of the barrel (make sure to pick a heat setting that is safe for your strands), hold it in place, and slide out the curling iron once the curl has set.

Shaved side

When it comes to making a hair statement, take a cue from Cassie. The model/singer shocked us all when she decided to shave off half of her extremely long locks. Soon enough, the style grew on us (and Rihanna too) and now we can't get enough of the daring do.

Visit a local barbershop to put this intricate process into the hands of a professional. You want to turn heads, not make people's eyes pop out. If your parents would disown you for doing something so drastic, pin up one side of your hair using hairspray and bobby pins to mimic the look or even try cornrowing or flat twisting one side of your head.

Fishtail Side Ponytail

At first glance, this intricate looking hairstyle seems impossible to create, but a fishtail is actually easier that a regular braid.

To style your strands into a work of art, gather your hair to one side and apply a dab of pomade to the length of your hair. Split the tail into two even sections and keep them separated while braiding to maintain the shape. Take a small section from the backside of one half and cross it over the front to the other side, adding it to that opposite section.

TIP: The smaller the piece, the more intricate the braid will look. Repeat on the other side and continue repeating down the length of your hair until you reach the ends. Secure the tip of your braid with a small elastic band. Loosen the braid by slightly pulling it apart and then pulling out some face framing pieces to create a more natural look.


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