Best of the Web: Epic Frisbee Catch

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Epic Frisbee CatchWho could forget the Epic Trick Shot guys that broke records for the basketball shots made and racked up millions of YouTube hits along the way? Not us, were are still dreaming it--but in the our dreams we are the ones making the shots of course! Well, now those dudes have some serious competition in Brodie Smith and his fierce Frisbee skills. We didn't know we could be mesmerized by a Frisbee trick shot until we watched Brodie's most recent video--and apparently so were loads of other folks because the video went seriously viral. What has all of our eyeballs glued? In the video Brodie passes to a poll vaulter mid leap who makes an epic catch just before he falls to the mat. We have no doubt that soon more "hardcore" Frisbee players will be showing off their stunts online!

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